Has the flexibility to dream big.

Architect: JPDarling Associates
Supplier: Angelus Block Co., Inc.
General Contractor: EPI
Mason: Nibbelink Masonry Construction
Structural Engineering Firm: STB

Why Masonry Has the Flexibility to Dream Big

As bold as you want to be.

Exterior of the Gallo Arts Center

Masonry is an incredibly versatile building material that has been used for centuries to build structures of all shapes and sizes, and offers a wide range of options and possibilities. It can be combined with other materials, such as glass and steel, to create unique designs that stand the test of time. Whether it’s a large commercial building or a cozy home, masonry can be used to create nearly any type of structure imaginable.

The flexibility of masonry means you can take advantage of innovative new techniques and technologies. For example, prefabricated modular masonry blocks can be easily assembled into complex shapes.

Designing a Dream

With masonry, you have a material that can be put together in endless variations and patterns for creating truly stunning structures. Besides its esthetic properties, masonry also boasts incredible strength and durability, allowing you to dream big with your projects. Its load-bearing characteristics give it superior endurance in areas where other materials might struggle. This means that significant load-bearing walls could be built without heavy foundations or large support beams and columns, increasing the area available for living spaces and reducing costs significantly.

Masonry can last hundreds of years with minimal maintenance required, meaning your designs will remain for future generations to enjoy.

Solid Structures

Masonry is well-known for its ability to handle large loads, thanks to its strength and rigidity. It also has the flexibility to accommodate any type of dream project, no matter how grandiose the design may be.

From skyscrapers to bridges and stadiums, masonry’s structural considerations make it ideal for a diverse range of structures. Masonry is able to bear large amounts of weight due to its strong compressive strength, but also offers great flexibility in terms of molding it into the desired shape or form. Mortar joints used in masonry work provide additional stability and resistance to bending movements, while also preventing water infiltration.

Beautiful Inside and Out

Masonry can lend any space a unique and timeless aesthetic – perfect for residential, commercial and industrial projects of all types. Create something truly unique that represents your vision.

Masonry provides you with the freedom to customize your dream project with:

  • Unlimited color options, from traditional brick to modern stone, glass and concrete designs
  • Custom-crafted textures for a variety of looks – from smooth finishes to geometric patterns with 3D effects.
  • Flexibility in size, shape, and contour, so the design isn’t constrained by restrictions seen in traditional materials like steel or aluminum.

The Sky’s the Limit

Masonry is the ideal material for engineering possibilities, allowing architects and builders to realize their wildest dreams. At the core of masonry’s flexibility is its design capabilities. Its strong structural properties make it an ideal choice for a variety of building forms, from load-bearing walls to elaborate facades. Masonry can also be tailored to any aesthetic requirements – from classic brickwork to colorful mosaics.

Its durability and low maintenance requirements make masonry an attractive option for long-term projects. Masonry is able to withstand the elements – rain, snow and wind – while keeping a building secure and safe for years. This makes it an ideal material for longevity, ensuring that any construction project will stand the test of time.

Masonry’ its’s cost-effectiveness makes it a great choice for budget-minded builders looking to bring their vision to life without sacrificing quality or design integrity. Masonry is incredibly versatile, allowing those with limited budgets to maximize the potential of their build by choosing the most effective materials at the lowest cost while still maintaining beautiful esthetics.

Masonry’s exceptional strength and versatility gives architects and builders the opportunity to dream big without compromising on quality or design – creating structures with an impressive lifespan that will last for generations to come.

Santiago Canyon College Learning Resource Center, Orange, CA
Architect: LPA, INC.
Photography: Cris Costea, Costea Photography